Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub, Idaho Springs, Colorado

While playing in Denver, Adam, Jeremy and I went on a hike to St. Mary's Glacier 40 minutes from Denver. On our way back, we stopped in Idaho Springs for a meal and ended up striking GOLD at Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub.

What's a Tommyknocker? Find out here.

Jeremy and Adam on a break at St. Mary's Glacier.

The quaint mountain town mainstreet in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Idaho Springs is a historical mining town where gold was first found in the 1800's.

Brewery side seating right in the middle of all the action!

The menu was not your usual pub fare. With a selection of many different types of burgers, salads and sandwiches that were all very unique, Tommyknockers was the perfect place to end up after a long day in the mountains.

Adam had the Grilled Artichoke that came with a raspberry balsamic reduction drizzled on top with melted garlic butter on the side for dipping.

I had the Mountain Man Chicken Fried Steak with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and smothered rich homestyle gravy. Delicious. Perfectly seasoned steak with smooth peppery gravy. The mashed potatoes thick and buttery. Hands down the best country fried steak I have ever had.

Jeremy had the Green Mountain Burger that came open faced, smothered in their award winning green chili (below) with melted sharp cheddar cheese.

The Tommyknocker Brewery. I had the Alpine Glacier Lager (pictured above) cold and refreshing. Now, im not a big beer drinker, but this beer was so clean and refreshing. Of course I had to be careful, alcohol hits you a lot harder at high altitudes.

"To handcrafted beers made in local breweries!!!!"


  1. That all looks delish Andy! How lucky to be able to travel all over the country (World), seeing all the wonderful things our country has to offer. Thank you again so much for sharing it all with us.--Oh, and that pic of Adam sucking on artichokes is gonna make the little girls swoon, lol!~~Tammy

  2. That looks great!! Hope you guys are having fun!!! =D

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The Grilled Artichoke looks absolutely delicious!

  5. *Also it looks like you all are having such a grand time!

  6. Thanks for the idea, we got up to St. Mary's Glacier yesterday and it was beauuuuutiful. (Heck of a hike up though!!)

  7. And to think...that's just one of the several that we have here in CO. Have you tried any from Left Hand (Boulder) or New Belgium (Fort Collins)?

  8. OMG!! Rent and Tommyknocker green chili!! Two of the best things in the world. I was looking for a recipe for that chili and I found this site. It served two purposes. One to fulfill my Renthead needs and two so I can see the pics of that pub. Great place!! Hey I met you once in the city after the show. Man how I miss Rent.