Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eating Habits

For a while now I've been concerned that most of the food that I post about is not necessarily the healthiest. Yes!!! cupcakes and southern food are just delicious, however, most of us dont eat that way all the time. And although i love to celebrate the indulgence, I am happy to have added Twitter to the blog to have more frequent updates on the reality of what myself or other cast members are actually eating on a daily basis. So as much as i want you hungry readers to salivate from some of the posts.....make sure you come back for the (more often) Twitter feeds that may inspire you to also have something deliciously healthy or simple, or my daily thoughts realted to food.....or my occasional Taco Bell breakdown! I hope to eat and Twitter responsibly.... Enjoy.


  1. Good to see ya on twitter!!! I'm a follower!! woot!

    Hope your having fun in Denver!


  2. Hi Andy!

    I want to welcome you to my city, Seattle for next weeks run. I’m really pleased that the show is going to be in town! I’ve only seen the live show once, in London – quite a while ago, and of course I’ve seen the movie. I’ve heard such good things about this production and I’m really excited to see it next week.

    I don’t know if you and the cast get a lot of time to see the cities you’re in, and I’d imagine that you already have good information if you do, but I hope you don’t mind my making a few suggestions.

    First, Seattle is unique in its setting – surrounded by mountains and water – the best way to get a good sense of it is to go up or out. Up the Space Needle, or Columbia Tower, or go up to Highland Park (Fraser’s view from the TV show). Of course, it’s best to do any of these on a clear day.

    The Space Needle is fun, but in the summer the wait can be long. But it’s in Seattle Center, where there are other attractions – the Pacific Science Center (good for kids), International Fountain, and small amusement park
    Getting there from downtown is easy on the Monorail:

    You can also take a Float Plane tour from Lake Union, just north of downtown. Float planes are too much fun. It’s like being in a VW bug with wings. It’s noisy though, and they give you earplugs. A sightseeing tour around the city is cool, or if you have the time, a trip nearly anywhere out of the city and back is gorgeous. I loved my trip to the San Juan Islands and back.

    But the best way to enjoy our setting, in my mind, is to take a Ferry Boat ride across the Sound. There’s nothing like it, especially on a clear day. Getting out on the water allows you to see the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges, the City and Mt. Rainier (stunning!). A round trip to Bainbridge Island is half an hour each way and is a blast. They use the biggest ships, the “Super Ferries” on this run. I love the ferries – the boats themselves are interesting and you can be inside or out. Here’s a tip - it gets really windy if you’re outside, but the “sweet spot” is up top, in front of the wheelhouse. Go to the upper deck and around the front. Stand right in the center of the narrow walkway at the front, and you’ll get all the view, but much less wind.

    If you want a good lunch on Bainbridge, the Harbor Public House is a nice pub with a waterfront deck. It’s about a mile from the Ferry.

    You can ride the Ducks – WW2 amphibious boats – you tour the city, then go out onto Lake Washington. I haven’t done it (keep meaning to), but it looks like a lot of fun:

    One thing about Seattle to note – the air is wonderful. Not something I’d normally go on about in any city. But being surrounded by salt and freshwater, on a clear day, the air is literally salty, sweet and a little tangy. Get out of the downtown core, breathe deep, and enjoy.

    What about the Pike Place Market? I love the Market, it’s one of the reasons I live here. The flower stalls, food and people watching are fantastic, but in the summer, it’s tourist hell. I urge you to go, but only if you’re in and out before 10:00 am. After that, it’s just too crowded to move. Be aware that if you’re walking down Pike Street to the Market, Pike Street between 3rd and 1st can be a bit dicey. Yes, we have urban problems, and unfortunately, they seem to flourish in this area. You’ve lived in NY, I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before. If anyone is squeamish, I advise a detour to Pine or Union streets for those blocks. I just put on my “don’t mess with me” face and walk down Pike St.

  3. As a caveat, I also urge you and the cast to be careful if you go to the Belltown neighborhood at night (just north of downtown) unless you’re in a cab. There are good restaurants and clubs there, but unfortunately, it can be a bad area, with drug dealers and muggings.

    Seattle has some great beaches, depending on your mood. My two favorites are Alki and Golden Gardens. Alki is a more “urban” beach, with condos and restaurants opposite the water. It has fantastic views of the Sound and Mountains and is a great place to hang out. There are lots of restaurants; my favorites are Cactus (a NW version of a Mexican restaurant – not entirely authentic, but fresh and tasty), and Sunfish for fish and chips (they make grilled fish kebabs, too). Pepperdocks makes good hamburgers and stellar onion rings.

    Golden Gardens is more rustic, but you feel that you’re really out of the city there. It’s quieter than Alki, but gorgeous.

    Ray’s restaurant, on the way to Golden Gardens is a good place for seafood:

    For real fun, stop at Paseo’s, a little pink sandwich hut that serves Cuban food. There are a few picnic tables (it’s not a pretty setting), but most people take the sandwiches to go. They’re great to take up the street to Golden Gardens. Their sandwiches are phenomenal. I love the Midnight Cuban, a toasted sandwich with ham, braised pork, grilled sweet onions, garlic sauce and cheese. Caloric and very messy, but totally addictive. Their grilled sweet onions are so good, they’re featured in a sandwich all by themselves.

    Lincoln Park is in West Seattle with a big park with forests and a beach on the lower level. Great spot for a picnic.

    Exploring the neighborhoods is fun – Ballard is a favorite, and “Old Town” Ballard is pretty with brick buildings and fun little shops. La Carta de Oaxaca is an excellent restaurant and there are many pubs and casual restaurants.

    The waterfront below downtown is seriously touristy and crowded. It’s fun to walk and enjoy the view, but be aware that it’s really busy in the summer.

  4. There are lots of good restaurants in town. Of course, many of my favorites are in the Pike Place Market – yeah, I know I said be out by 10:00 am, but if you’re there for lunch or a snack:
    El Puerco Loron – on the Pike Street Hillclimb, between the Market and the waterfront. Good Mexican food in a cantina setting.
    Le Panier – French bakery – excellent for a croissant and latte in the morning before exploring the Market
    Maximillien – a French Bistro specializing in Mussel preparations. Great view of the water.
    Matt’s in the Market – fabulous restaurant overlooking the market. Fresh, excellently prepared food. It’s best to make a reservation.
    Mee Sum (Chinese) pastry – good humbows – I like the pork buns.
    The Pink Door – the food is fine, but the outdoor deck really rocks. Gorgeous views.
    Delaurenti’s specialty foods (Italian) is a fun store, a great place to pick up picnic supplies. I advise taking a picnic on the Ferry Boat.

    Try the smoked salmon at any fish stall in the Market – it’s hot-smoked, so it’s a different texture than lox, and it’s really good.

    Etta’s Seafood – excellent food, great seafood. The savory cornbread pudding is swoony and the crème brulee is perfection. The corned beef hash (served weekend breakfasts only) is a little spicy and very delicious. (A Tom Douglas restaurant)
    Actually, Tom Douglas’ restaurants are all good – the pizza place is great, Palace Kitchen is fun for a party, and Dahlia is a Seattle classic. The bakery has excellent sandwiches and chocolate truffle cookies are a blast of solid, delicious, gooey chocolate.

    Pioneer Square:
    Salumi. Legendary porcine goodness. Lovingly handmade meats and sausages. Excellent sandwiches.

    Le Pichet and Café Press are good French Bistros:

    Grocery shopping:
    The Pike Place Market is great, of course. Produce, cheeses, meats, breads, milk, juice – everything but standard packaged products.

    Our local chain, Metropolitan Market is terrific – everything you need: super-fresh produce, great cheese and deli counters, and local breads. Several locations:

    Trader Joe’s.
    I love TJ’s. Good food, and they’re careful to avoid chemicals and hormones. Several locations in Seatle.

    If you have a car, it’s easy to get around. Be careful downtown, where many of the streets are one way. It’s fun to drive East on I-90, just to get a sense of the Cascade Mountains. You can get to Snoqualmie Pass and back in a few hours.

    If you take a cab in the city, you can usually flag one down in the downtown core, but if they’re busy, or out in a neighborhood, you will need to call. Yellow Cab is a good company: (206) 622-6500

    Ok, that’s enough. I really want you and the cast to enjoy Seattle. Have a great time here!

    All the best,

    k.winjum (at)

  5. Krista
    Youre AMAZING! Thank you for taking such is very appreciated!

  6. You're very welcome! I hope you and the cast and crew have a great time in Seattle!


  7. Andy, I forgot to mention Chukar Cherries in the market - chocolate covered nuts and fruits - and they always give out samples. Yum!

    And if you're in the mood for Dungeness Crab to go, buy it at Jack's Fish Spot - they're the only fish stand who have live crab tanks and cook them fresh. It's also a hoot to sit at their counter for a bite and people watch.


    kwinjum (at)

    (gave incorrect addy before....oops!)