Saturday, June 6, 2009

La Vie Boh...mmm Episode 3. Sweet Thang


  1. Thanks for the video Andy!!! The Cupcakes look amazing!!! I got excited about the red velvet because I absolutely love red velvet cake!!! The custard looked amazing too!!! We have abbotts frozen custard in Rochester , I didn't know there was custard in St. Louis, wow.

    Anyways glad your having fun on tour and can't wait for the next episode!!!


  2. Oh my goodness! Those looked so good! I've been wanting cupcakes for a while. I would go get some, but we have about half of a full sheet cake left from my graduation party yesterday... I really wanted to go to St Louis to see the show again, but the week before graduation just didn't work out. :-( Anyways, thanks for the videos and pics! I'm happy you guys have so much fun on the road!

  3. That was an amazing video! So well directed and so fun! You all made me crave cupcakes! Will definitely go to the cupcakery if i'm in st. louis!!

    la vie boh mmmmmmmmmm

  4. Why does poor Jed always end up getting food smeared on his face? Is it cause he's so sweet?! (Sorry, that was cheesy, but i couldn't help myself.)

  5. I love St. Louis! I live about an hour away. Made the trip to see you guys at the Fox. AMAZING! I got excited when you showed Ted Drews. I said they have to turn their cup upside down. And I totally saw Telly when he was at the Muny.

  6. Great Video! Just FYI we have Andy's Frozen Custard in Springfield, MO. If you ever make it to town I'll buy you a cup.

    You have a great blog! I'm gonna have take some pointers from you to get my blog updated. It's mostly my raised bed garden and I need to update that.