Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Macrina Bakery and Cafe, Seattle, WA

Walking from Pike Market Place on the way to the Space Needle in Seattle we stopped at Macrina Bakery and Cafe for a quick snack. This is very close to the kind of place I would one day love to open up myself! Yes...I have aspirations of opening up my own place. I always had two goals since I was a kid: 1. Be in a Broadway show..and 2. Open up my own Cuban cafe. What do you think? Is it time!?!?

The Rocket Muffin, as it says on their menu, is "moistened with banana puree and contains carrots, hazelnuts, wheat flour and molasses topped with a dollop of raspberry jam." So delicious and fluffy with just the right amount of dampness that it doesn't crumble apart. The raspberry jam, tart to perfection! I would love the recipe for this...


  1. oooh that place looks cool and the muffin looks amazing!

    Glad your having fun on tour and thanks for the blog posts, I really enjoy reading them :)

  2. This stop sounds like it's worthy of a video! Hint hint....~~Tammy

  3. Yummy!!!!! Hope you guys are having a blast!!