Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fong's Pizza Des Moines, Iowa

Chinese food and pizza? I love them both, but together? While in Des Moines, Iowa, we came across Fong's Pizza. Yes, Chinese Pizza. I wish I can say it was delicious. All I can say is that it wasn't bad. I love the idea of it, but maybe my love for NY pizza has made my taste buds a little narrow minded.
I think its the whole idea of Chinese food and cheese. Both very good things individually but not so great together. An old relationship of mine suffered the same problem. Both of us were great people separately, but not your ideal couple. Everyone around us questioned us constantly because they couldn't see why we were together. Did we? Yeah, for a while. We had such deep admiration for each other, although we knew deep down something wasn't right. We didn't bring out the best in each french fries and ketchup. I think the main reason I stayed in it as long as I did was because I kept saying to myself "this is an amazing person. It has to work!" But the relationship, just like the pizza, wasn't as delicious as I wanted it to be. It just left a funny taste in my mouth.
So we ended our "Chinese Pizza" relationship and are now good friends. And, I learned something valuable... just because something is great, it doesn't mean that its great for you. Which is probably why you won't find cheese in the Chinese diet!

Monday, November 16, 2009

La Vie Boh...mmm TOKYO Part 4 "Kyoto"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Love At First Sight at Aritsugu Knives Kyoto, Japan

One of the things I knew I must buy myself in Japan was a Japanese Chef's Knife. In preparation for my travels I watched Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" Japan which inspired the hunt for a great knife! But which one would I pick? How would I know which knife would be the right one? Knowing I'd have to live with my choice, the idea of picking a knife quickly became reminiscent of choosing a new lover.
While strolling through the Nishiki Market I came across Aritsugu, the most popular knife shop in Kyoto. As soon as I walked in it felt like the knife Mecca! All the beautiful gleaming knives showcased on the walls made me feel like they were flirting with their sharp smiles. It was like being fresh meat walking into a bar!
Like my grandfather was, I want to be a master in the kitchen. Nothing excites me more than the idea of not only loving food, but being able to prepare it for others with creativity and grace. I know that part of that would entail mastering my knife skills. I wanted to find a knife that was approachable, and felt like an extension of who I am. This is probably part of me finding my own identity in the kitchen. From tools to ingredients, I know that I want to be one with all the elements. I wanted the perfect companion.

My experience of picking a knife was very much like speed dating. I picked out a bunch from the showcase and then spent some time with each of them. "This one has a good handle...this one's is too intimidating...this one is too high maintenance" I thought as I made my way through all of them. And then there it was sitting there, the perfect knife! My new Japanese lover! It was the perfect size, it was durable, classic and inspiring! And I could engrave my name on it as well! SOLD!They engraved my name, and wrapped up my new companion which even came with instructions on how to care for it. Ahh...If only dating were that easy. Wouldn't it be amazing!? And the staff at Aritsugu were so patient, accommodating and helpful with me making my choice. I was so excited!
My new knife is waiting for me at home until I'm done touring. In the meantime I fantasize about the day I get to unwrap it and master my skills with my new relationship. :)