Thursday, June 4, 2009


I eat a lot.... I'm always thinking of food. Especially during the show.... I know, I should be concentrating on what I'm doing, but after 12 yrs of doing this show, on and off, I have figured out a way to have it appear as though I am fully invested, and I am most of the time.... but I have to admit, I spend a lot of the second act thinking about where I'm going to eat after the show.... Sometimes when Michael Mc Elroy is singing the reprise so beautifully, and were all on stage in low lighting looking at him, he just looks like a big, tender and juicy roast chicken holding a coat like in the cartoons.
My second act duty: find a good place to eat in whatever city were in. I don't know what I would do without my iPhone.... It makes my mission so much easier. I'm sure it's pretty evident who my partners in crime are from the photos. I love touring with this cast, there are such foodies in the company! When taking the tour I was so worried about what it would be like touring as an adult. Last time I toured the States with Rent I was 23, single, unbearably skinny and couldn't gain a pound to save my life.... and had other things on my mind... Mischief! Now, touring as an adult is very different, especially when most of the cast are on the older side as well. We find most of our comfort in finding the best places to eat....and if not we've got our hot plates and pots and pans in our trunks to make sure were well fed. I basically tour with a mini kitchen. You open my trunk and it's ALL food and pans. Even my make-up kit has spices stowed away in it! If you ever see me come out the stage door on a Tuesday with bundles, now you know what all of that is.
So, I blog about food and my love for it, and the fun we have finding and eating it. Enjoy.....


  1. Thanks for the blog post Andy!!! I really enjoyed reading this!! Glad that being on tour has let you try new food and spend time with other cast members!

    Anyways thats all for now. Good luck with the rest of the shows in St. Louis!!!

  2. I wonder what other cast members look like food to you when they are performing!Thanks now when we watch Michael during reprise we will all be thinking Chicken!LOL.Love the blog and videos and by the way I remember seeing you in here in Texas years ago when you were in your 20's!

  3. Great blog Andy!
    I love you "mmm" recommendations!
    Keep on eating, acting, singing...
    You sure know how to do it all!
    Cheers from DC! House of the Best Empanadas,
    well... one of the best :)


  4. LOL so wonderful to know what your thinking of how Michael looks like! I love how your doing this show and I didn't know it had been for 12 years off and on. I also love how your taking us on the tours of the food where you all eat. Please keep it up! It's an interesting thing to know what types of food are in other places.

  5. And we enjoy every minute of it!

  6. What/where did you eat in Rochester NY? ~~Tammy

  7. This blog is too funny and cute. I can actually see you imagining Michael as a roasted chicken holding his coat...hehe Hope you find many more delicious places to eat.