Friday, June 26, 2009

Pike Market Place, Seattle, WA

While in Seattle we loved the Pike Market much, we are working on a LAVBM episode coming soon! Look who we spotted having lunch there!

The Beautiful Trisha Jeffrey!

The deliciously talented Kerry Butler!


  1. so the episode is about pike place market...or portland :( ? don't get on the web much, but any time you're in town, anywhere on the pier is a guarenteed great time :)

  2. more adam pascal, por favor. :) this is a site for yummy things, right? or you know, justin johnston because he's yummy too... and some anthony rapp won't hurt.


  3. wow, anonymous above, rude much? remember that this is done for fun and whomever is with them when the eat and photo/video is in the shots... pretty sure the actors have enough to do to not have time for setting up fake gatherings to get shots of the actors you specifically like!

    we should all just feel grateful to get a glimpse into their off-time... other than their closest friends, it's doubtful many know what goes on with them in their personal lives or what they do between shows and such!