Monday, August 31, 2009

McDonalds, Japan

As I've said before, I don't discriminate any kind of food. I am not a food snob. We have been eating very well here in Japan and over the upcoming posts you'll read about a great range of Japanese meals we had from traditional Kaiseki dinners to theme park snacks. Yes, I love fancy dinners, but what really gets me salviating is comfort food. Food that you can dig your teeth into, that reminds you of home or other great times in your life. I'm the type of loyal foodie that revisits a restaurant over and over again if I like it. You're probably wondering what this has to do with McDonalds? I love McDonalds! There, I said it. I do. Sometimes, there is nothing more delicious and satisfying then a Big Mac, fries and a coke...and of course an Oreo McFlurry.

Yes! I saw the movie "Super Size Me" and it broke my heart. I did lay off of the cheeseburgers for a while...but within time the cravings kept coming back. Of course they would, it is so deep seeded into my psyche and tied to so many childhood memories that I cant stay away! Everytime we went on a family road trip the best part of the trip was stopping at McDonalds. One particular trip from Disney back to Miami I remember quite well. Growing up I used to fight over dumb things with one of my sisters and this time it was the pickle in the cheesburger. See, I didnt like pickles, but when my sister asked me for mine I said "no" to get her back for teasing me earlier on. Everyone knew I hated pickles but I was'nt going to give her the satsifaction of having it! My mom insisted I give my pickle to my sister knowing very well I didnt like them, but I stood my ground claiming my new found love for them, clearly lying. To my dismay, once we got home, mom brought out the jar of pickles, sliced them up and put them in my cheesburger. She stood by my side and made sure I ate up every single one. I suppose thats when I developed a liking for pickles!?

My favorite growing up was Chicken McNuggets. I remember when they first came out. They were like little nuggets of gold, except for the dark meat ones. I was very happy when they introduced the all white (bleached) meat version. Even on the few rare occasions I wake up early enough to have McDees breakfast it is so rewarding. Sure I feel like poop afterwards, but those first few bites are heaven. I dont know how many cheesburgers I indulged in when McDonalds opened across the street from the Nederlander in NYC. And when traveling abroad, you can always find salvation in the golden arches when craving something familiar.

Today, McDonalds is a special treat I give myself every now and then...and I'm not the only one is the cast!Like any other city in the world, McDonalds is also found on every corner all over Tokyo. And the rumors are true! Its better here than in the US! Not only does it taste better, but the sandwiches look like the ones in the pictures! Remember when they used to deep fry the apple pie? They still do in Japan! It really is tastier deep fried...I know, what isnt!? In this post you'll find some of the menu items we don't see in the US. Click on the photos to see them up close.
Remember when the Egg McMuffin had an an actual egg with a yolk?

Delicious, black pepper fried chicken.

Someone in the RENT company was saying that it would be a great idea to have an international McDonalds restaurant that served all the products from all over the world in one restaurant. I thought that was such a great idea!

So readers....What else does McDonalds serve around the world? Where are you from and what differences are there?? Can't wait to hear!


  1. About 10 years ago I went to Germany for the first time. Longing for something that reminded me of home, I went to a McDonald's. To my surprise there served beer. To add to the surprise I was able to purchase it since I was of legal age there but not a home. It was an odd and wonderful experience drinking a beer with my burger and fries.

  2. We have winter special menuuuu in Japan!
    The inside of the burger is shrimp and
    macaroni in white sauce,
    coated with fried crispy bread crumbs.
    It's a popular menu only in winter.
    and of course we have TERIYAKI burger,
    only it's not so good...

  3. I've fallen in love with south american McDOnalds. You can add guacamole to any sandwich. And, In argentina, they actually grill the burgers instead of frying them. They also had Aji along with ketchup for dipping, and a couple places we went,you could also get empanadas for breakfast.
    When you think about it... it kind of pales in comparison to all the other great food there... but it's much better than any US mcDonalds I've ever had.

  4. This is great! Thanks for commenting! I am loving the responses. Beer at McDonalds? Guacamole? Who knew!.....keep them coming!

  5. I was reading this post right before the lunch time yesterday and the first thing I did was going to McDonald's!!! Anyway, Starbucks also has Japan-only menu, which is Creme Brulee Latte, just came out yesterday. Try it before heading to Korea today~!

  6. I heard Korean McDonarlds has "Bulgogi burger".
    Andy try it! and let us know about it.
    In Japan, we also have "Teritama" which has egg with Teriyaki source and "Ebi Filet-O" which has deep fried shrimp.

  7. Awesome blog! There is a Shrimp/ Hamburger burger. The slash is there for a reason because the burger is cut fried shrimp patty and half bulgogi burger. Let's meet up soon.


  8. Andy, I have been fighting a craving for sausage, egg and cheese bisquits all week and I come home to this, thanks a lot! Now it's 11:00 here so no more breakfast served today. Phew!!! Safe.... til tomorrow, lol.~~Tammy

  9. Gotta say your mother's way of dealing with you teasing your sister is kind of awesome!

    Here in New Zealand you can get the doesn't have actual Kiwi in it though, fear not. Just heaps of stuff, meat patty, egg, beetroot, etc. There was a special TV ad with a song that went in it and everything.

    There was a McDonalds across the road from my dance studio when I was growing up so I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time there. Not such a fan now but will admit their hash browns are hard to resist!!

  10. In Hawaii you can get Spam, Eggs & Rice (Don't make fun until you've tried it - I grew up on this stuff!! Over Easy Eggs, white rice w/ soy sauce and Spam all mashed up together. YUM!) or Portuguese Sausage, Eggs and Rice at McDonalds during breakfast. AND they serve it with fresh pineapple slices :-)

  11. In Israel, McDonald's has pita, shawarma, and falafel. A lot of them were kosher, and had cheeseburgers with fake cheese. It was the first time I got to have a cheeseburger and McDonald's chicken nuggets, so that was fun.

  12. I don't actually remember anything about the food from the McDonald's in Beijing. The most memorable part was that the tables had the text from Romeo and Juliet.

  13. When I went to Costa Rica they had rice and beans with the burgers also. I love the chicken nuggets and hope one day to visit Japan.

  14. I know here in Canada specially on the east coast, know for its lobster fishing we have McLobster. I am not a huge of MacDonalds fan but I know someone who has and they said it just it wasn't the samee as real lobster sandwiches.

  15. In Thailand along with standard burgers, McDonald's has a pork burger where they replace the top and bottom buns with sticky rice patties. I'll be in Japan next year, and I'm looking forward to try MOS burger which is a local competitor to the Evil Clown.