Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Secret


  1. I twittered this too but I'll post here as well :)

    Thanks for the post andy!! thats soo funny the pastry followed you back to the theater!! glad you had fun in Japan, have fun in korea!


  2. haha thats funny it looks good too
    the food in japan sounds awesome
    haha u can hear one song glory in the background thats one of my favorite songs from rent.
    have fun in south korea hope the food there is as nice as it is in japan :)

  3. I am very impressed with your resolve! I wouldn't be able to do it, not when that pastry was looking at me...

  4. My sister and I went to see RENT in Japan.
    My sister is a big fan of RENT since she saw it in London 10 years ago.
    We wanted to go again, but since my sister has 2 sweet kids at home, we kind of gave up.
    But we decided to try for the break through on Aug.30th!(She has a nice husband :))
    Of course we could not get any seats, but it was really nice to be there on the last day.
    We went back of the theatre to meet the casts, too.
    Thank you sooo much for coming to meet us before, after and even during the performance in THE RAIN TOO!! I should be in one of your MANY photos. sister just found your blog, and it's a pity I couldn't inform you earlier.
    There are so many nice restaurants in Tokyo!
    Since you seem to be around Shibuya, I will introduce you to a restaurant near Shibuya Station. It's called Yamashiroya. Traditional Japanese restaurant.They serve beautiful course menu, both visual and in taste wise. It's cheap for a full dinner course, too, 4500 yen.This is because they only serve one course menu. They change their menu every month.
    You may feel strange because there are Pachinko stores and girls inviting you to their "bars", but the restaurant itself is really nice. Nice enough that you feel you want to dress- up to go there.
    I hope you'll have a chance to go there before leaving for Korea.I'll give you their website.