Friday, February 13, 2009

Coming Soon!

Because were all at home in NYC....there have been no real fun RENT cast outings while in Newark. But coming soon Detroit and Los Angeles!!!!!!! If you have any fun suggestions for Detroit make sure you comment below!!

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  1. AH! you came to Jersey and didn't try to get any jersey goodness???

    All I know are things in Central Jersey (which I think is about an HOUR from you guys). But, the place Im recommending has a location in Hoboken too, so it might be closer. The place is called Zebu Forno, it's an italian eat-in or take out bistro type place. They have things like foccacia bread, home-made pizzas, gelato, things like that. The original location was in Red Bank, but now there's another one in Hoboken:

    5 Marine View Plaza
    (River Street, between 1st and 2nd)

    Phone: (201) 653-6900
    Mon - Thurs: 7 AM - 10 PM
    Fri - Sat: 7 AM - 11 PM
    Sun: 7 AM - 9 PM

    That's all the information you guys need to get there. I'm telling you, it's worth it! I love their food and it's a wonderful atmosphere if you sit and eat there. Smells great too! :). Enjoy!!! :D