Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coming Soon!

Make sure to check back later for Philadelphia updates....including a late night run with Adam Pascal, Kyle Post and Cary Shields for Philly Cheese Steaks at Geno's!! And if you have any Philadelphia suggestions make sure to comment below!!!!!!!


  1. Linda Montague (Toronto)February 3, 2009 at 12:10 PM

    Hi Andy,

    A great place to eat in Philadelphia is Downey's. It's at Front and South. Not sure where you're staying in the city so I don't know if that's convenient or not. If it's not too far, though, it's good!


    Be sure to try a piece of their famous Irish Whiskey Cake. Delicious! Have fun in the city of brotherly love, I grew up not far from there.

  2. If you like Chinese food, Wok is an incredible restaurant. It's on Chestnut Street and not a far walk from the theater. Just walk towards City Hall and make a left on Chestnut. There are actually a lot of restaurants and stores on that street.

    Also, South Street is good for bars/clubs and food.

  3. Hey, Andy!
    You should check out Five Guys, great burgers!
    It's at 1527 Chestnut St.

  4. Chickie's and Pete's, on South Broad (crab, and famous for what they call "crab fries"..fries with spices on them http://www.chickiesandpetes.com/page/page/790062.htm )
    And don't forget the famous cookies at the DoubleTree hotel.
    Did you ever get Pat's steaks? Not that it matters.
    I really wish that Zanzibar Blue hadn't closed. That was just up the street from the Academy.
    You also need to hit up a sidewalk vendor for a soft pretzel. Try around City Hall, or around Jefferson Hospital a couple blocks away.