Friday, October 9, 2009

La Vie Boh...mmm TOKYO Part 2


  1. Oh Andy....You make me smile with these!!! And Telly is right, your editing is awesome!!~~Tammy DiCecca

  2. Andy!!

    Love the editing, love it all, you all are amazing and it looks like you had fun. Black toilet paper? LOL, awesome! And the poop show? Interesting, what I love the most was the side band with the music and the drummer, looks like you all had an awesome adventure. Please continue to post! Love seeing what all you all do.


  3. This is making me want to travel again. I love the craziness of it all. That fish market! Looks like it would be pretty mind-boggling even if you aren't jet lagged.

    I also think the editing is fantastic on these vids :)

  4. I've never fully enjoyed Tokyo like you guys did, even I've been living in Tokyo for 5 years!
    Hope you'll have great adventures and foods in the US, too ;)

  5. Tokyo looked like so much fun! The video is amazing. When you come to Providence RI, you should eat at DownCity Diner. The food is delicious and that is where my friend and I ate before we saw RENT for the first time, and she is the same friend who is coming to see you guys in Providence with me. We already saw you in NY this summer, and you were AMAZING! Keep up the good work!

  6. I love your videos, Andy! And I love it that you appreciate the culinary arts as much as I do (since my mom's a chef, I've grown up with a love of food).

    And where do I find that black toilet paper? I want some! LOL!!!