Monday, October 12, 2009

Disney Sea, Tokyo, Japan

This is by far my favorite theme park ever! If you love theme parks and are in Tokyo you must spend a day at Disney Sea. Not only is the park absolutely beautiful (you can tell there was a lot of money spent) but the atmosphere and genuine customer service the Japanese provide makes the experience extra special. There is such care and detail taken, there are no parents yelling at their kids, and everyone is decked out in Disney memorabilia from head to toe! The rides are also so much favorite was Journey To The Center of the earth...oh what I would give to ride that again right now. The whole park is nautical themed and lies right by the water in Tokyo. Here are some fun videos of our day at the park!

Yes..Yes...The food! The food was my favorite part! I have never seen so many different and interesting types of food at a theme park. They had your typical hot dogs, fries and burgers, but also had gyoza sausage buns, spiced chicken legs, apricot fritters, meat pies, churros, delicious mexican food and of course, sushi!Also, scattered throughout the park were different flavors of popcorn..caramel, black pepper. curry, sea salt and our favorite, strawberry! It made the whole experience incredibly adventurous and satisfying. You never knew what was around the next corner!


  1. I love Disney Sea!! I go there with my friends at least 3 times in a year. The rides are great and especially Tower of Terror is great and I LOVE the "cool service"(the one they splash you the water)!!

    Anyway it's great to see that you guys had a great time and I really enjoyed thise video (and the previous ones too).

    I'm looking forward for your next posts!

    you looked so fun.

    we miss you guys!!
    please come back to Japan.