Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Pocky? You never call me Pocky!"

Throughout our month in Tokyo, the Japanese fans made it a rare thing for us to leave the stage door empty handed. It was endless...candy, rice crackers, chopsticks, mochi, t-shirts, hats, handkerchiefs, fans, beautiful handcrafted cards and origami to name some...even 5 fingered socks. One of my favorites, a personalized bottle of Soju. Most of the cast would join me in saying that they absolutely love the Japanese fans.'s easy to win us over with candy and gifts, but it was their spirit and genuine enthusiasm that stole our hearts. They asked very little, which made us want to give more and more. Not a dis to our U.S. fans, we appreciate you as bake us elaborate cakes after all!! I just want to confirm the well known rumor that Japanese fans are amazing.

We kept a table right by our dressing rooms were we would drop off our edible gifts and share them with the rest of the company. I don't know how many different things I tried, and most of them so delicious. Sometimes, in between scenes, I'd run to the table and grab a pocky stick and run back for an entrance. What's Pocky? Pocky is basically a very thin pretzel like cracker stick that is dipped in chocolate or other flavors. Haneefah Wood who plays Joanne received countless boxes of Pocky, well known by the rest of the cast. One night, Nicolette Hart, who plays Maureen, almost called her "Pocky" instead of "Pookie"! Watch the video below.

I particularly loved Galbo Chips...crisp, chocolate rice chips that would melt in your mouth with every bite. So good! I hope they have them in the states.
I also loved this little mound of rich yumminess (pictured on the right) that I have no idea what it was. Can anyone tell me? I want a whole cake made out of that!

It was also really great to see so many faces I recognized from doing RENT over the years. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to your wonderful country. We really feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to perform in Japan. Arigato Gozaimasu! We miss you!


  1. it's HAKATA MARRON (a cake with marron paste).
    i bet someone from FUKUOKA gave the box to you.

    korean sweets are good as well.

  2. Hi Andy!

    You just have to fine a good Asian food store to get most of these here in the States. In Seattle we have Uwajimaya. Bet there's something similar in NY!


  3. Aw! The Japanese fans seem SO sweet! And I am a little jealous you guys got so much Pocky, it is one of my favorite snacks even though it is hard to find hear in the US. And hahaha that is so funny, Nicolette! I am going to start calling people Pocky.

  4. Aw, I love Pocky. But not as much as I love a good RENT/food pun :D

  5. You can buy Galbo Chips online at for $3.25 a box or 5 for $15. If you can wait until Nov...we'll bring you some when we come to Rent in Providence!!

  6. I would find the attitude of the Japanese and Korean fans to be a refreshing change from *some* of the unrealistic and demanding "fans" in the US who think actors owe them more than a good performance.

    Would that those selfish American fans learn from their Asian counterparts.

    (Japanese version only)

    It is sold only in Fukuoka.(far from Tokyo)
    Rare food!

  8. Looks so yummy. I love Pocky, Lotto, Botan Rice Candy, Andy! I've got that stuff here. The Hakata Marron:) It's soooo good.

    Did you ever get the chance to try Hidemi Jelly? It's very good.

    I grew up on the oriental treats because my friends were Korean and Japanese. I have very few American treats.

  9. You never call me Pocky!
    Thats way too funny!!
    Nicolette and Haneefah are so cute.
    I can't stop laughing when I see that scene next time, for sure!!!

  10. I'm the one who should tell you 〝Arigato〟!
    Last month,
    We had a very exciting time in Tokyo.
    Thank you for the great show!!!
    I'm sooooo grad you like 〝HAKATA MARRON〟:)!!!!!

    Have a nice stay in Korea.
    ・・・I miss your smile

  11. Hi Andy,

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a blast this last month!!I already miss RENT and everyone...
    I'm really happy to hear that you liked Japan♪Do come back soon!

    Oh,and the litte mound sweet that you liked,[HAKATA MARRON]is Financier(French),and inside with the chestnut paste and minced marron glace centers.

    Good luck on your performance in Seoul★

  12. Oh!Found myself in the picture:)
    If I had the courage to go to the first row of the crowd to talk to the casts!!
    I bought the program, but thought I'll never be able to get close enough so I left it at home on the last day!!
    I so wanted to sign Nicolette's T-shirt...
    Oh well, may be I'll send you some pocky.
    I saw on TV today that Glico's marketing was seriously thinking about cutting the price for Pocky, because they are not selling well.
    Gosh, wish they knew there was such great fans here. haha.

  13. I love Galbo Chips too...