Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Im retiring my chopsticks and heading to San Fransisco!

After 2 amazing months in Asia, RENT- The Broadway Tour will be playing the Curran Theatre in San Fransisco for 2 weeks starting October 6, 2009.

I have so much to share with all of you...Tokyo and Seoul blew our senses away! I'll be spending the next 2 weeks we have off laying by the pool, editing videos and uploading posts from our culinary adventures through Asia. And,To kick off the next leg of RENT- The Broadway Tour, the first of many "La Vie Boh...mmm" episodes from Tokyo will be premiering on opening night in San Fransisco. I am so excited about these new LAVBM episodes! I'll take you on my expedition to Mt Fuji, Cast weekend trips to Kyoto, Disney, and Okinawa, wandering through markets in Tokyo and Seoul and lots of backstage footage from our amazing stay in Asia.

In the meantime, a little research...San Fran! Where are all the good eats??? Where should we go!? We have 2 weeks to explore the tastiest recommendations you may have....


  1. For seafood, go to Swan Oyster Depot on Polk St. Only open for lunch, it's a tiny spot with seating at the counter. If you get there after opening, expect to wait in line. Expensive, but soooooo worth it. I used to live across the street and ate there as often as I could.



  2. you should bring rent back to atlanta!!!! i would so be there....


  3. Check out Joe's Cable Car for some great burgers:

  4. Make sure to drop by the Ferry Building, esp. on a Farmer's market day. Try the chicharrones at the 4505 Meats booth on Thursdays. They're fancier than the chicharrones we're used to, but they're so good!

  5. can't wait to see your show! =) since you are near the Civic Center, here are some places i think you should check out:

    for a nice dinner near the theater, jardiniere or absinthe in hayes valley should do it. classy and delicious.

    i know you're pretty much over asian food, but if you like bahn mi, walk a few blocks from the theater to saigon sandwiches on larkin and eddy. those are my favorite in the whole world.

    if you happen to like street food, take the BART to the mission and twitter your way to find the various street food carts.

    my favorite mexican are near 24th and mission streets, also easy to get to with BART. I love el farolito for their quesadillas. la taqeria for their carnitas tacos.

    also on 24th street: awesome flavors of ice cream at humphrey slocombe (foie gras or jesus juice, anyone?) and out of this world donuts from dynamo (apple...bacon...maple...in ONE donut! holy crap!)

    if you wanna check out some california cuisine: coco500 in SOMA and aziza in the Richmond.

    if i think of anymore, i'll come back, those suggestions were just from the top of my head. =)


  6. Pretty expensive, but an experience is Millennium. It is entirely vegan but you would never know it. Definitely something to try if you have the time. also, not quite so time or money consuming is Hang Ah in China Town.

  7. While in SF you should try out some of the latest trends in street food: there's 'Spencer on the go' (7th & Folsom sts) a truck where you can get french take away such as escargot lollipops and sweetbreads. Then for dessert there's the ever-popular 'Creme Brulee Cart' (22nd & Mission sts). Bon appetit!


  8. For delicious ice cream, I would suggest going to Mitchell's (http://www.mitchellsicecream.com/html/index.htm). They are a classic.
    I agree with the person above who says that the Mission has some great Mexican food.

  9. Nopa for yummy pork chops and burgers.

    Blue Bottle Cafe for great organic local siphon-drip coffe. I LOVE their lattes.

    Brenda's French Soul Food for beignets and shrimp po'boys. There's usually a line, so going on weekdays is recommendend.

    House of Prime Rib.....for prime rib. Got to have a reservation.

    The Sentinel for corned beef sandwiches.

    Belden Place is great! Tucked in an alley with 8 different European restaurants with outdoor seating. My favorite is Plouf.