Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The things that make me go "mmmmm"....

Sight...Traveling and taking in the world. Color. A dog and a cat cuddling. Any ocean. The way someone looks at you when they trust you. Rich dark skin. Milky white skin. Vacation photographs.

Hearing...Music. A live latin band. Jazz softly playing as you cook dinner. A contagious laugh. The crackle on an old record. An overture to a Broadway musical.

Touch...A hug from a stranger. Clean sheets on a delicious bed. A warm bath in a claw foot tub. Sushi...yes sushi.

Taste...My favorite. Cuban food. Picadillo....with my mom's black beans. Mc Donald's coke. A really juicy cheeseburger. Soul Food. Fried Rice. Olive oil. And of course, chocolate chip cookies. Ive been told one of my first words was "choco" for chocolate.

Smell...The warm scent of Nag Champa slowly burning away. A fireplace in a cabin in the woods. The smell of mom's cooking perfuming the house. My dads after bath splash on an afternoon. My lover's sweet, musky smell behind the ear. The smell of espresso filling the kitchen in the early morning. Bacon.

How about you???


  1. ...the laughter of my kids. Music that touches my soul. A calm breeze on a summer day. Sunshine. A good book. A hot bath. A finished quilt. My favorite pair of jeans. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate....

  2. Waking up on a Saturday and realizing you've got nothing to do all day but laze, and smelling that someone in the house is making bacon for breakfast. Pigpiling on the couch with friends. Good food when you're really hungry. My mom's Pumpkin Cheesecake (weird as it sounds).

  3. Sight.. My kids sleeping with their little feet sticking out from beneath the covers. A look from someone that is meant only for me.

    Hearing.. Music that gives me goosebumps. A child laughing fit to split.

    Touch.. Sheets fresh from the line. A hot shower.

    Taste.. Delicious salsa and chips. A big salad with hard-boiled eggs and Balsamic vinegar.

    Smell.. Fire in a fireplace. My husband after he shaves.

  4. Might I suggest "Cuba Libre" once you get to Orlando with the tour. If you love Cuban food, you will love it there. It just opened a couple of months ago.

  5. I absolutely adore the new "La Vie Boh...Mmm" graphic at the top of the blog. Seriously, I'm in love with it. Have a great week off!

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  7. Sight: traveling, my friends and family after an extended time apart. a baseball field. an interesting photograph. smiles. the NYC skyline.

    Hearing: my favorite song on the radio. my favorite musicals. the crack of a baseball bat. the swish of a basketball as it goes through the net. laughter. sizzling of food on a grill.

    Touch: any kind of hug. clean t-shirt cotton sheets (sheets that feel like t-shirts). a young child's skin after a warm bath. a warm bubble bath with lavender scent after a long day.

    Taste: breakfast food. cookies and milk. food cooked on the grill. cheesecake. cereal.

    Smell: fresh cut grass. rain. brownies fresh out of the oven.

    What makes you go mmmmm.....?

  8. laughter with friends. without any reason. :)