Sunday, July 12, 2009

La Vie Boh...mmm Episode 4. "Savoring Seattle"


  1. These are getting so good! I love the narration. Makes me wanna visit Seattle and just EAT!

  2. Wonderful episode!!!! That scone and crumpet looked really good!!!! How cool that you got to visit with the "Catch me if you can" cast - LOVE Aaron Tveit! Thanks!

  3. I saw you guys in Seattle! I can't believe I was eating in the same venues and exploring the same streets.
    This is amazing, haha. It really makes me want to go EAT! <3

  4. Thanks for watching!

    You can see all the previous posts and episodes in the archives, or by refreshing

    Make sure you to come back next week for episode 5 "Peculiar Portland"



  5. Mmm! I am jealous! Awesome episode! Everything you ate looks so yummy! See you in Boston this week. Our food isn't as exciting haha.

  6. YES! Seattle is tough to beat with the Ptike's Street Market! My RENT friend, Sara & I both agreed that the flowers found there were AMAZING!!! But, too hard to figure out how to fly them home! :(
    Stay healthy & thanks so much for your efforts this site!!
    Mary in Chi

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  8. Omgee the crumpets looked so good!!

    Message for Telly - Your crumpet made my mouth water, and made me wish I wasn't allergic to Pesto, because Pesto has Pine Nuts in it and I'm deathly allergic to Pine Nuts!!

    Message for Andy - Your Piroshky sounds really good. The Cuban pastry that it looks like.. What else could you fill one with? And how would you make them? I'm wanting to make international foods.

    Message for the both of you - Thanks so much for doing this each time your touring, it gives an insight on what you all do besides put on a great performance! Is there a way you can give your viewers a play list of all the songs which are used for each episode so some of us may put it on iTunes? I love how the music fits perfectly for each location.

    Thanks for an amazing job with the show love to you both and the rest of the cast! Hope to see you again soon. :) I'm shooting for October 23rd, it will be the 13th anniversary of my father's death and I'm wanting to see RENT that day. So I've got to save money to fly out.

  9. So glad you all enjoyed Seattle. The Pike Place Market is indeed the "Soul of Seattle", and we love it.

    Krista W.

  10. You guys are AWESOME! Telly's soo cute! LOL. :D