Wednesday, December 23, 2009

La Vie Boh...mmm TOKYO Part 5 "The Fans"

The last of the LAVBM Tokyo episodes is dedicated to the fans! Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to your country. Our stay in Japan is an experience we will never forget. THANK YOU! WE LOVE YOU!


  1. Damn, that's sweet...

  2. Thank you for sharing Japan with us! Origato!

  3. OMG,this vid makes me cry...Miss you, all of RENT so much!

  4. thank you sooooooo much, Andy.
    i'm always looking for your blog.
    i love your photos and videos.
    and this video makes me cry.....
    it is beautiful :)

    i miss you so.
    i hope you guys should come back to Japan someday.

    thank you for the great time and amazing performance in Tokyo.


  5. Thank you very much!!!!

    I love RENT, but I couldn't see the last performance in Japan.
    So, I'm very happy to watch this video.

    I will never forget this summer with RENT.

  6. Thank you so much for the heart-warming video! I'm glad you all have enjoyed your stay in Japan. We, Japanese fans really had a great summer with "RENT" being in Japan. I really miss you and wish you could come back to Japan one more time for the very last performance!!!