Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fong's Pizza Des Moines, Iowa

Chinese food and pizza? I love them both, but together? While in Des Moines, Iowa, we came across Fong's Pizza. Yes, Chinese Pizza. I wish I can say it was delicious. All I can say is that it wasn't bad. I love the idea of it, but maybe my love for NY pizza has made my taste buds a little narrow minded.
I think its the whole idea of Chinese food and cheese. Both very good things individually but not so great together. An old relationship of mine suffered the same problem. Both of us were great people separately, but not your ideal couple. Everyone around us questioned us constantly because they couldn't see why we were together. Did we? Yeah, for a while. We had such deep admiration for each other, although we knew deep down something wasn't right. We didn't bring out the best in each french fries and ketchup. I think the main reason I stayed in it as long as I did was because I kept saying to myself "this is an amazing person. It has to work!" But the relationship, just like the pizza, wasn't as delicious as I wanted it to be. It just left a funny taste in my mouth.
So we ended our "Chinese Pizza" relationship and are now good friends. And, I learned something valuable... just because something is great, it doesn't mean that its great for you. Which is probably why you won't find cheese in the Chinese diet!


  1. Some fusion cuisine just isn't meant to be. Nice work using pizza as a metaphor for relationships though :D Life is a bit too short for pizza that's only "not bad"...

  2. What was on the pizza?

  3. I have never seen this place before. and I live in Des Moines!!

  4. Stumbled across this via google.

    I wanted to say that although the "Chinese" pizzas on their menu aren't fantastic, they do have a lot of other really great pizzas. They've updated their menu fairly recently to include a ton of options, and the "Chinese" portion is barely even a third of that.

    Also, they have the best Crab Rangoon I've ever had.

    I hope you try it again sometime when you pass through. I recommend the Polynesian pizza, it's sort of a spicy take on the Hawaiian pizza.